Muhammadiyah Deutschland e.V.

Muhammadiyah Deutschland e.V. or known as Pimpinan Cabang Istimewa Muhammadiyah Jerman (The Board of Special Branch Muhammadiyah in Germany) is an international branch of Muhammadiyah organization in Indonesia. Muhammadiyah is the largest Muslim modernist movement in Indonesia. Founded by Ahmad Dahlan (d. 1923) in Yogyakarta in 1912, it has, as of 2017, more than twenty million members and sympathisers. The modernist character of Muhammadiyah is reflected in its systems of education and medical treatment and in its organisational management and leadership. It emphasises egalitarianism and gives equal opportunities to all its members, regardless of ethnicity and ancestry. It employs a system of collegial and collective leadership rather than relying on individual charismatic leaders.

Muhammadiyah Deutschland e.V. has similar vision to Muhammadiyah in Indonesia with special emphasize to the plural society context of Germany. Its vision is practicing the values of Islam for goodness (ma’ruf) and avoid badness (munkar) in all aspects of life for all over the world (rahmatan lil ‘aalamiin).

Since 22nd January 2007, this organization has been existing in Germany and officially approved as Muhammadiyah Deutschland e.V in 2021. The organization focuses its activities on Islamic spirituality and social services, which fall primarily into three categories: education, health care, and nutrition. There are some departments (majelis) within this organization to implement its mission either Islamic spirituality or social service include department of Islamic dakwa and studying Islam, education and science development, regeneration, health, economic, culture and arts, environment, public policy, and volunteerism.

There were several implemented activities include interreligious dialogue in collaboration with local and academic institution in Germany, health and nutrition knowledge discussion for Indonesian diaspora in Germany and Indonesian society, and some training on education developments.